Yoga - Take me to NEW YORK sandwashed silk

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The New York yoga top is tailored in the finest of sand washed silk. It is superlight, soft - designed for movement and for the constant changes and distractions in life. This - 100% silk top, is designed for your yoga practice/ workout and those long nights out... Silk is a natural material that transports the sweat away from the body and keeps it cool when it is hot and warm when it is cool. As silk doesn't attach smells its perfect for a hardcore tough workout. The silk stays fresh much longer than other materials thanks to the silk fiber being smooth. Silk has a naturally tendency to release dirt quickly and does not always require cleaning after each work out, put your top on a hanger and air it instead. When you do wish to wash your silk top, place the top in a washing bag for it to be protected. Wash in your machine in 30 degrees. Use a mild detergent or schampo to wash. The quick 15min program is enough. When travelling, roll your top. If it has become wrinkly simply hang it in the bathroom after your shower. Or hold it above the steam from the tea boiler. This item is made by hand, with love, on an island in the turquoise Mediterranean Sea... The model is wearing S